The End


The End!

Why do we always begin with the end?

With COVID-19 making its rounds across the globe. Saudi Arabia was forced to suspend access to both Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi, in order for local authorities to sterilise and cleanse the area.

For a religion that is deeply concerned with inner and outer purification. Such steps as was taken by Saudi Arabia was no doubt a responsible move on behalf of the state that has both a duty and a responsibility to its people. Yet it could not be helped to see that many people interpreted these events as a precursor to the end of times. Every major event in the world has been a precursor to the end of times, every event should have followed with repentance which should have served also as a moment of deep reflection.

Reflecting as such on the true power of God who has made such a thing as the Coronavirus, capable of disrupting the world. That despite those who are immensely wealthy and healthy, they too are barred from entering the two holy cities and completing their lesser pilgrimage and possibly maybe even their Hajj. No matter your personal circumstances. If God wills it then even something as simple as the Umrah is made impossible and can be taken away from you.

However as Muslims we should be mindful of one important thing. Namely that death is from God alone. No other temporary power besides God has the ability to cause death. This is not therefore a reason why anyone should go against governmental advice and guidelines it is more for peace of mind and a reminder foremost to myself that we should have complete trust in God.

I’ll leave you with the following parting advice. “If you hear that it (the plague) is in a land, do not go there, and if it breaks out in a land where you are, do not leave, fleeing from it.” – Bukhari and Muslim

Stay home. Stay safe.

An empty Masjid al-Haram